Poetry: Invocation to the Children of My Fathers

Introductory note:
In every way, ours was a fairly large, rare and blessed families shepherded too by the ablest of men and fathers you can think of and who for your information were twins.
And guess what; we were raised indivisible under one roof and by the same core values such as love, long-suffering, tolerance amongst others.
As children, we're a bunch of happy, smiling, sweethearts; obedient and thoroughgoing emissaries of the wonderful ancestry as ever.

News: Ugandan President, Yoweri Muzevini, was Caught Making Phone Call Sitting Along the Highway.


                                                 Ugandan President, Yoweri Muzevini. 
                                                          Image source:  Afrizap.

Ugandan President, Yoweri Muzevini was caught making  a phone call on the Highway at kyeirumba village, Uganda.

The President was on his way to celebrate the World Population Day in the Isingiro District, South West, Uganda when the Incident Occur.

He was said to have stopped his entire motorcade to make the all important call while passersby keep wondering who the mystery caller was.

News source:  Afrizap.

Poetry: The Business Register

Sometimes ago in the course of my business startout, I met a real time old couple whose life and time fascinate me a lot.
So, in our next poem titled: 'The Business Register', I reflected on them and their numerous adventures and misadventures as often is the case with most marital endeavours.

Tutorial: How to grasp the meaning of Printed Page: Knowing when the Climax Comes (4)

Hi everyone,
I'm deji, and in this fourth leg of the running tutorial, I'll be exploring as the sub-heading indicated 'knowing when the climax comes' especially in relation to 'Understanding the Unseen' among others.
So, come along with me.

Poetry: He Walks In Glory.

When Commander Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi turned 75years not long ago, I wrote him an Ode titled: 'He Walks In Glory'. But for some reasons, however, I didn't just get it posted to Synchronize with the anniversary date. Couple of days back, I accidentally stumbled on it in my poetry archive; and it struck my mind that I should share it with (you) my esteem audience immediately.  Hope you derive a lasting joy reading it, if for anything, the deliberate humorous anticlimax that comes at the end. See the full text after cut.....

Poetry: The Groan

Nudge by doubts fears carefree attitudes,   Instead of being led by their dream boldly, With few exemptions,   Many of my contemporaries and I   were ruined and nearly ruined by letting themselves   be drown indecisive in the sweeping showers   of their splashy dawn, energeticyoungsters fresh out of school clueless

The Great Debate: Which of the Rich or Poor man's Children Turned out Worse in Life and Why?

Just few days ago, an old bosom friend of mine, perhaps just got spontaneously curious or simply was talking from a long held sentiment, tried to argue on the